Our Solutions

The core business of infOmars Training and Technologies revolves around IT technical training and human resource development, comprising of skills development in a vast variety of IT technologies, from Microsoft products, Cisco, Adobe products, to programming languages and also in IT management.

However we strive to also provide industry solutions that would cater to consumer needs.


System Integration

InfOmars provide a full range of Systems Integration (SI) diversifying from different platforms covered in our technical training. Our SI services include consultancy, supply and installation of hardware, end-to-end networking, operating system deployment and configuration, line-of-business application design and implementation, integration and maintenance of small to medium systems and also data centers.
Our customers range from different government departments and also corporate sectors. Among the platforms of our solutions range from:
Microsoft, ORACLE, Cisco, Suns, Robotel, SMART Technologies, Trend Micro and many more.




Our main consultancy services covers the area of training and Human Resource Development.


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