Microsoft Business Certification

Without a doubt, the most popular Office Application in the market is Microsoft Office and the most popular Operating System is Microsoft Windows.

A survey by Microsoft shows that the average worker only utilizes 20% of its complete features. This shows that businesses are not making the best out of their functionality and this reflects on efficiency.

"Whether you want to stand out in the job market, improve employee performance, or better prepare students to enter the work force, the Microsoft Business Certification program demonstrates proven expertise that businesses rely on." -Microsoft Learning ""

Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS)

Update: Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS) has now been renamed to Microsoft Office Specialist 2007 (MOS 2007) certification

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) [formerly Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS)] is geared towards expertise in the use of Microsoft Office applications along with Windows OS. This covers the following certifications:

MOS 2007


  • Windows Vista for the Business Worker
  • Microsoft Office Word 2007
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2007
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
  • Microsoft Office Access 2007

Passing any one of the exams will earn the candidate the MOS 2007 credentials.


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Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

Another Microsoft training course on offer is the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) program which builds skills in Office 2003, Office XP, and Office 2000 application products. Obtaining the MOS certification validates your skills in Office applications, proficiency in office productivity and ability to integrate different application technologies.

To gain the MOS credentials, candidates should pass one of the following exams:


  • Microsoft Office Specialist in Word
  • Microsoft Office Specialist in Excel
  • Microsoft Office Specialist in PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Office Specialist in Access
  • Microsoft Office Specialist in Outlook



Take note that InfOmars do offer these courses without exams for those looking for training to improve their office productivity skills without taking the certification.

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