IC3 AITI Subsidy Program

Download the Course content here: IC3 Course Content

InfOmars along with Authority of Info-communications Technology Industry (AITI) are currently offering IC3 classes to bridge the gap for users wanting to advance their knowledge to further IT paths but lacks basic essential computing skills and understanding, primarily with the Windows platform.

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AITI Subsidy FAQ

We have compiled a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) info list on th AITI subsidy on the IC3 course

  • How much is the fee?
  • The fee payable is BND350 for the complete three modules including three exams for eligible candidates.

  • Who is eligible for 50% Subsidy?
  • Bruneian locals and Permanent Residents, aged 17 above, who are currently employed in non-government sector, and individuals.

  • Can anyone else apply?
  • Yes, anyone can apply for the course but only those who meet the criteria above will be eligible for 50% off.

  • How does the 50% subsidy work?
  • The full price of the course is BND700. Candidates will pay half (BND350) upfront atleast 5 days before course begins. Candidates who successfully completed the course and exams satisfying the subsidy requirement will be eligible to have the remaining 50% be subsidised by AITI.

  • What is the criteria to recieve the 50% subsidy?
    • Candidates are required to attend 75% of the course duration.
    • Candidates must complete and pass all 3 exams for the whole modules (A + B + C).
    • Failure on any of the exams will NOT BE ELIGIBLE to claim the 50% from the fees, hence will need to pay the remaining balance of BND350 after course completion.
    • For failed exams, candidates may choose to re-sit and will incur a BND40 fee per module. Candidates will be eligible for the 50% subsidy if they pass their re-sit.

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Download your registration form here:


IC3 Registration form

**right click on link, save target as.

Eligible applicants for the AITI IC3 competency program should also provide the following details:

    For employees of private company:
  • A copy of IC
  • employment letter
    For private students:
  • A copy of IC card
  • A copy of certificate of highest qualification

You may return the registration form in a number of ways

  • Print out the form,
  • fill it in and drop it off to our office, click here for address,
  • or fax to +6732334082

Aternatively, you can send an email to request registration to infomarsbrunei@gmail.com. Please provide the following details:

    Include in Subject line: "AITI IC3 application"
  • Full Name:
  • Occupation:
  • Department (Office):
  • Contact No. (mobile/house and office(if applicable)) :
  • Address:
  • Postcode:
  • IC number:
  • Color:
  • Email:
  • Attach a copy of IC with either employment letter for private company employees or copy of certificate of highest qualification for private candidates.

Also feel free to email or contact us for any further enquiries you may have, thank you.

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