Internet and Computing Core Certification (IC3)

IC3 is an accredited course under the Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council (BDNAC). It provides certified individuals with an advantage over their competitors by proving their proficiency with fundamental IT skills to assist in the requirement of job applications.

IC3, provided by Certiport, is a globally recognised certification that verifies you as a person with the critical entry level skills required to effectively use computing technologies.

The certification validates skills that are essential for those who are contemplating a career in any computing field.

However candidates who are not in a computing field will highly benefit from the certification as it allows them to keep in current with a world that have moved rapidly into the cyber age.

IC3 RoadmapBeing certified in IC3 opens a path to pursue higher level certifications, both application based or technical expertise.

Microsoft Office applications are commonly used worldwide, giving those with expertise in their use a huge advantage in the workplace.

IC3 builds the user's foundation to familiarize themselves with the interface, basic functions and ultimately use applications efficiently. Further expertise can then be pursued through Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certifications.

Furthermore IC3 also covers hardware knowledge, giving the user a familiarity with how the computer works, what is running under it's hood, and basically say hello to the world of computers. Those interested to delve deeper can move forward to CompTIA IT Technician, Cisco, or many of the other technical expertise courses.

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IC3 Course Contents:

There are three modules covered in the certification.

  1. Computing Fundamentals.

  2. This covers basic computing concepts such as hardware, software, beginner troubleshooting and basically introducing the PC.

  3. Key Applications.

  4. This module covers basic usage Microsoft Office's most commonly used applications, namely Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

  5. Living Online.

  6. The final module brings you to the world of the internet where you are introduced to a network, browsing, emailing and online skills and etiquette.

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IC3 Examination Details

certiportExamination will be taken online at an IC3 testing centre. The exams will test your knowledge of hardware, software and network. The candidate will be tested through multiple choice questions, simulations, matching keywords/icons, and true/false questions all done through online.

The exams will be run through the Certiport system.

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